Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Photos: Taste of Tango Update

This building at 36 E. Washington has been under renovation for a couple months, to be reopened as a locally owned Argentinian restaurant Taste of Tango. The November issue of Up Down Town reports that they "should open in the next few weeks per a man we spoke with there who said he was to be the manager." That issue just came out in the last week, so it seems to indicate an opening before the end of November. At the very least this should be an interesting addition to that suddenly booming sector of downtown, along with the recently opened Barcelona Tapas and India Garden, as well as Fogo de Chao in the future.

Property Lines reports that we may even be getting a Scotty's Brewhouse in Allen Plaza (previously Jefferson Plaza) across Virginia from the Broadbent Building. That 10-story building is currently being rehabbed to reopen as the headquarters for the Allen Group, with condos on the top 5 floors. A couple months ago I talked to a manager at the northside Scotty's who said their goal is to have a downtown location open by the time Lucas Oil Stadium opens next August.

Here are a handful of shots I took Sunday, October 21st:

The street-level treatment:

I left this shot hi-res because I think the juxtaposition of a 49 story building with these 3-4 story buildings is very cool (the white-ish building in the center is also planned to be renovated):

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