Friday, April 25, 2008

Photos: Residences at 429 on the Park

Residences at 429 on the Park facts:


Jason said...

Interesting tid bit for you: the War Memorial properties have a 600' ROW around it's property that gives the War Memorial commission final say on designs and developments surrounding the War Memorial, American Legion Mall, and other properties. I don't think they've ever made a fuss about any proposals, but I think it is interesting.

CorrND said...

Interesting. So that's an official step in the design approval process or just something where the War Memory Commission can stick their nose in the process when they want to?

CorrND said...

Maybe somebody can clear this up for me: I can't seem to get a consistent answer regarding the number of floors in the building, old and new. I put my best guess into the post, which is 5 floors old, 4 floors new.

However, the existing building seems to have 4 floors, based on the windows on the side of the building. This agrees with the information on the page for this building. says that the addition is 5 stories, while the webpage selling the new condos shows units on floors 6 through 9.

There seems to be a phantom 5th floor.

Anonymous said...

It looks as if there's a mechanical floor between the old and new buildings...which would make sense since the original building mechanicals would have been on the roof.