Friday, July 31, 2009

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Photo 16

Looking southeast at the intersection of Meridian and westbound Walnut.

This intersection deserves a little more detail, so here are some extras:

Looking east at the westbound vehicular lane of Walnut (American Legion Mall in the distance).

Looking north at the Cultural Trail segment next to Meridian.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Photo 15

The bases and vertical posts for "Prairie Modules 1 & 2" have been installed. This piece of art is located on the Northeast Corridor, on North St. between Alabama and New Jersey.
Looking east on North St. (the Murat Theatre is off the picture to the right).

I'm very curious to see how this one turns out. Here's what the finished project should look like:
Looking north across North St. from the Murat Theatre parking lot.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Photo 14

Construction is full speed ahead on the North Corridor of the Cultural Trail. The photo below shows the intersection of Indiana Ave., Paca St. and St. Clair St., near the western terminus of this corridor.

St. Clair is currently closed between Indiana and West for utility relocation, construction of the Cultural Trail and resurfacing of St. Clair (which was in horrible condition).

There has also been significant progress on the segment between Senate and Meridian since I posted the previous update and I hope to provide an update on that if the weather cooperates in the next couple days.

I also wanted to give a quick update regarding DIG-B. No, I'm not letting this blog slowly die, it's just very slowly adapting to a couple of changes in my life that have taken away a considerable amount of the free time I used to devote to blogging. The first is my change of jobs last December. Though the job is personally much more rewarding, it provides considerably less down time that I used to use for writing and assembling posts. The second change is my wife and I preparing for the arrival of our first child in September. That's taking a small amount of time away right now, but rumor has it that will take a much bigger chunk come September!

So, I hope you won't take DIG-B out of your blog readers, or stop checking for updates directly here. DIG-B isn't dead, it's just slowing down.