Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Apologies for the lack of posts around here. In case you missed it below, I did buy a new camera to take pictures -- you'd think I would have gotten more posts up here recently! Unfortunately, the crappy weather, personal travel and the lack of new projects have conspired to keep me from going out and taking pictures. Once I get out and about, here are some things I'm hoping to get updates on:

The Cosmopolitan
Riley Hospital Tower
The Waverley (this one's been done for a while, but I never got a final set of photos)

In the mean time, check out the cool photographs Mr. Heidelberger is capturing over at his relatively new blog, The Heidelberger Papers, as well as The Urbanophile's new project, Naptown Observer.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Photos: Taste of Tango Update

My wife and I were on our way to one of the newest "best kept secrets in downtown" -- Adobo Grill's half-priced margaritas and $1 tacos for Thursday happy hour -- and walked past the on-going work at Taste of Tango. You may remember that this restaurant was originally slated to open over a year ago and was delayed and delayed and then put on hold while the owner financed other projects. Well, finally, it appears that the restaurant is very much back on. Cory over at Property Lines noticed a sign a month ago indicating "Now Hiring."
Yesterday, we also noticed an orange liquor license application in the window (click to see the details -- it's a beer and wine license dated 10/31/08):
It was dark last night so I couldn't take any pictures of the exterior. It hasn't really changed, anyway, so here are some shots I took last fall/winter:

Yes, my new camera has arrived! The pictures of the signs were taken with it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Camera

I ordered a new camera over the weekend that should probably be here by the end of the week. Thank god. I've been limping along with photos from my cell phone that are looking worse and worse, so no more of that garbage. I expect photo posts to return next week and I'll probably have a review of the camera after I've put it through the paces.