Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beer: Indy Pub Crawl

Indy Pub Crawl is a bi-annual pub crawl around downtown bars/restaurants. The organizers have apparently been doing this for 10 years! Their summer crawl will take place on Saturday, June 28th and the tentative schedule is:

11:30 The Living Room Lounge
12:10 The Elbow Room
12:50 The Front Page
1:30 Rathskeller
2:20 Bourbon Street (lunch stop)
3:10 AJ’s Lounge
4:00 Buggs Temple
4:50 Spencers Tavern
5:40 Baseys
6:30 The Dugout
7:10 Radio Radio
7:50 Mystery Stop
8:40 Subterra

The list isn't 100% confirmed yet, but given the distance between some of the locations (particularly Buggs->Spencers) they're going to have a bus. A small donation will be required to cover that cost. More information here.


Mike said...

With that list, think of all the variety in beer you could have!

Seriously though, Gina and I talked about doing something like this with HBG/Brewer's Guild but she doubts that there's enough interest for us to cover costs.

CorrND said...

I think I might go on this crawl, though I can definitely see myself tapping out at Spencer's. That would be a healthy 8 stops into the crawl. I like Spencer's a lot and Dustin is always fun to chat with about beer if he's tending bar.

Erik Huntoon said...

I wanted to do this a couple years ago. I haven't been to most of the bars on that list as I just don't get out downtown too much. Going to mark this on the calendar and hopefully should be able to make it.

I have done a few pubcrawls in Milwaukee that are just unbelievable. $20 up front and you get a T-shirt commemorating the event as well as 1 beer at each bar on the list. When you walk into the bar, you hand them your checklist and they cross their name off the list and hand you a beer. I should mention there were 20 bars on the last one I did and you get a full 12oz sized pour. Beers ranged from Pabst to New Glarus Spotted Cow to Tyranena IPA, each bar having a different keg 'donated' to it for the cause. I don't really know how that got organized to have that much beer flowing at that low of a price and to throw a T-shirt in as well.