Thursday, April 17, 2008

Development: Gene and Marilyn Glick

I took a run on the canal the other day and noticed a couple new signs on the Indiana History Center. The center has apparently been renamed the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center. You probably recognize those names from the official name of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Their generous donation of $15M, almost one-third of the total cost of the trail, added "A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick" to the end of the trail's name.

The December 7, 2007 Indiana Historical Society newsletter indicates that the Glicks recently donated $8M to a fundraising campaign for "The Indiana Experience." In recognition of that large donation, the Indiana History Center was renamed the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center.

The outstanding generosity of the Glick's is fast making them the most famous benefactors in Indianapolis. Thank you to the Glick's!


Jason said...

The Glicks are a great treasure to Indy.

But I do want to mention that I think that the amount of signage, both permanent and temporary, is making the canal elevation of the History Center look less dignified. It really looks cluttered to me.

Crossed said...

The Glicks name is on the Second Helpings building as well. I do think they are more reserved in naming rights than most Indiana benefactors. Interesting though, the NYTimes had an article awhile back about the elitist graffiti. You know when everything and anything has a name on it from a donation including the trash cans. Hope our city veers away from that as it looks like it is already on that path. What ever happened to anonymous donations?

Unknown said...

I disagree crossed. I can't think of another Indiana philantrhopist with their name on more things than the Glicks. I commend them for their generosity, but all these Eugene and Marilyn Glick buildings are getting a bit confusing. So far we have:
The Eugene and Marilyn Glick History Center
The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Cultural trail
The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Center (71st and Michigan -- where I vote)
The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Center (aka Second Helpings -- Southeastern ave)
The Eugene B. Glick Junior Achievement Center (former box right before the river on Keystone)
The Marilyn K. Glick school of art (Broad Ripple Art Center)
Oh! And the JCC is technically the Arthur Glick Jewish Community Center

Did I miss any?

rodney said...

If I had that kind of money, everything I obtained naming rights to through my donation would get an awesome name that has nothing to do with my real name. For example:

The Random High Five Cultural Trail.
The Mostly True History Center.

Instead of being remembered because your name is plastered all over everything, you'd be remembered for giving stupid names to everything. A much more noble undertaking if you ask me.

rodney said...

Also I would have named Lucas Oil Stadium "Thunderdome."