Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beer: This n' That

Brugge Brasserie: from the most recent email newsletter:

Brugge is moving up!
We have leased the second floor of our building and will be expanding upstairs sometime in May. The new level will feature lots of additional restaurant seating, a much larger bar, many additional beer and wine offerings, 3 large flat screens for sports fans, and a sound system aimed to keep you hanging around Brugge a bit later in the evening. And you may have noticed.....there's a deck with the most spectacular view of Broad Ripple and the Monon. A combination Grand Opening and 3rd Anniversary Party is being planned. Stay tuned.

From the files of "but don't quote me on that," I've heard that they're shooting to open the expansion the week before the Indy 500. And does anybody else read "many additional beer...offerings" as a possibility of guest breweries on tap? That would be an incredible addition to an already incredible restaurant.

Rock Bottom: Wednesday happy hour is one of my favorite times to hit Rock Bottom. Every Wednesday, all day, all 6 regular beers are $2 per pint. Throw in their 4-6pm happy hour menu -- there are $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99 options -- and you can get two beers and a little food for about $10. The secret? You have to ask for the happy hour menu (they always bring the regular, full menu when you sit down in the bar area).


Jim said...

I seem to remember reading that Brugge will indeed be featuring a few guest beers on tap (I don't remember which ones right now).

rodney said...

The signage on the outside of the building looks great. It looks like they updated the main sign too (or maybe I just haven't seen it lit up in awhile). All of the metal work is awesome.

Greg said...

But when will I able to drink Brugge Black at home?

CorrND said...

The newsletter included this info about the bottles. It's not really any different than what we've heard recently, so I didn't put it in the post:

Where are the bottles of Brugge?
Guess what, they're coming.
We've decided to concentrate of three varieties, instead of the originally planned five. Black, White, and Tripel de Ripple will be available in single .75 litre bottles and convenient, handy 6 packs of each. And, for those who can't decide, the 6 packs will also be available in Sampler packs with 2 bottles of each.

Jim said...

I cannot wait for the Tripel!

Unknown said...

I figured they would expand upstairs asap. That will be a really nice location with the extra space.
The signage is okay, but needs some lights on the building. I walked by it at night and couldn't see the newer metallic looking sign at all.