Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photos: IUPUI Campus Center Update

IUPUI Campus Center Facts:

  • Location: SW corner of University Blvd. and Michigan St.
  • Broke ground: September 30, 2005
  • Cost: $50M (20% from state, 39% from student fees, 41% from revenue generated)
  • Architects: Smithgroup of Washington, DC and Ratio Architects of Indianapolis
  • Height: 179ft to top of bell tower
  • Estimated Completion: December, 2007

Building Overview:

South/Vermont St. facade:

Southeast Corner with Bell Tower:

Southeast corner and East/University Blvd. facade:

Southeast corner with gerbil tube to Cavanaugh Hall:

Looking North along the East facade (the fact that this glass wall drops down to the basement level is probably the most interesting feature of the design. With the up-lighting, this facade should look amazing at night):

Northeast corner (University Hospital Cancer Center addition in the background):

Northeast corner:

Looking West at the North/Michigan St. facade:

Looking East at the North/Michigan St. facade (this facade is terrible -- there isn't even a public door into the building):

For additional info, renderings and to take a look at the construction webcam, check out IUPUI's Campus Center webpage.


thefens said...

I couldn't agree more about the East view of the North side. Every morning when I drive past it I am struck at what a horrible location it is for the service entrances. Essentially, the made the "back" of the building face the main artery of campus. What the hell?

CorrND said...

Here's what's really distrurbing: the building has been billed as the "Campus Center" uniting the IUPUI and IU Med School sides of campus. Yet, as you point out, the design literally turns its back on the med school. They should have simply flipped the Vermont St. facade -- which is good, but not great -- and Michigan St. facade. Vermont is essentially a service road through campus anyway and logically should have had the loading docks.