Friday, October 26, 2007

Photos: Broadbent Building Update

Broadbent Building Facts:

  • Location: Corner of Virginia Ave. and Washington St.
  • Originally built: 1961 as a Merchant National Bank branch
  • Until recently known as: The Zipper Building
  • Ground Floor Tenant: Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian Steakhouse chain (planned)
  • 2nd and 3rd Floor Tenant/Owner: The Broadbent Co.

Here is the project status as of Sunday, October 21st:


The corner of Washington and Virginia:

Looking Northwest on Virginia (the last diagonal street that provides a peak at the monument -- this view is really very cool and tough to capture with a camera):

You can see the last remnants of the Zipper Building facade on the lower backside of the building:

Here are a couple renderings of the final product:

And for the history buffs, here's the building that stood on the Broadbent Building site from 1876 until it was demolished in 1959, the Vance Building:

It was renamed the Indiana Trust Building when two stories were added in 1894-95 :


Kevin said... seeing those old buildings can be sad.

Anyways, I've heard rumors that the drive-thru on the Broadbent has been nixed. I hope it's true, and the fact that it was ever approved IN THE MILE FREAKING SQUARE shows we have along ways to go.

CorrND said...

Given the reports that Fogo De Chao will occupy the whole ground floor, it seems logical that the drive-thru would go away. However, this is another
I took that looks like a drive-thru on the Virginia side. Hopefully they were just too far along with the redesign when they finalized the Fogo contract and now they'll go back and redo this part.