Monday, October 29, 2007

Development/Beer: Buggs Temple Menus

NOTE: This post is very old and the menus listed here are no longer valid (the restaurants themselves have even changed name and ownership). You can find menus for Creation Cafe (originally The Grille at Buggs Temple) and Euphoria (Tavern at the Temple) here.

I received a "Grand Opening" email from Amanda Cravens at Buggs Temple over the weekend with the current/October menus for The Grille at Buggs Temple and Tavern at the Temple. They don't appear to be publicly available yet, but the email mentioned that a new Buggs Temple webpage will be going up soon and they'd be crazy not have menus up there. Click on the images below for a larger version you can actually read:
Tavern at the Temple

The Grille at Buggs Temple

The Tavern at the Temple menu is a bit rich for me, but I guess it's fine for what they're trying to do there. However, I think the price point for The Grille is too high. An average price per entre around $9 is a bit expensive to entice people to just pop in for a bite while they're out on the canal. "$11 for a hamburger? Y'all must be crazy!" Harry and Izzy's doesn't even charge that much for their delicious steakburger. Feels like they're trying to capitalize on their near-monopoly on Canal food and I don't like that. Still, I'll give 'em a shot, but they better be putting out an amazing product at these prices.


thefens said...

I concur about the prices for the grill. I even think the main side menu may be a bit high. The menu seems a bit high to attract people to travel, in the evening, to a poorly lit area with negligible foot traffic.

Barring excellent product and good buzz, I don’t see their current pricing structure as build to last.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention a place without parking.

As a canal regular who lives nearby, I"ll give them a shot (heck, we've been waiting long enough for this place) but by the looks of the menu we'll still be going to McCormick and Schmick's happy hour. This doesn't have nearly enough selection and it's priced a little high. Isn't there a deli or something else on site? Is this it?

It could be a good dessert place.

pharmacy said...

Why you don't post the new menus ?