Friday, October 12, 2007

Development: Peyton's Place to Reopen?

When it rains, it pours. After the exciting news yesterday that Buggs Temple will finally open next Friday, October 19th, I noticed on my way home for lunch today that there is an orange Liquor License application in the window of the former Peyton's Place at the corner of West and Indiana. The small bar/restaurant has been closed and for sale for a couple of years. A pair of signs from Colliers Turley Martin Tucker were posted around the building a little over a month ago advertising an auction for the building on (I think) October 3rd. The signs came down about a week in advance of that date, so perhaps someone already bought the building and is looking to quickly reopen it.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Committee recently declared a portion of the downtown canal north of New York St. a Municipal Riverfront Development Project in an effort to get more restaurants to open along the canal. One of the primary outcomes of this designation is cheaper and easier-to-obtain liquor licenses. While Peyton's Place isn't technically on the canal, it's very close and may sit within the designated zone. The new owner may have been able to take advantage of this fact.

I'll try to quickly grab some shots of this historic building this weekend, but does anybody know more about this?

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Caroline said...

No, but I'd love to know more. They are definitely planning some type of construction as all of utilitity locations are marked on the site (including the grassy area near the canal). A public hearing is also plan for the development, but I haven't been able to find more information.