Friday, October 19, 2007

Development/Beer: Buggs Temple First Impressions

I just got back from checking out Buggs Temple for the first time. The Tavern at the Temple opened at 4pm so at 4:45 I was among the first few people there and got to chat up the bartender a bit. I didn't have any paper to take notes, so don't hold me accountable if some of these details are slightly off. I'm going to mind-dump, bullet-style, before I forget anything.
  • Contrary to what I thought, Tavern at the Temple is the fine dining restaurant and Buggs Grille is the "standard" restaurant.
  • Tavern at the Temple occupies the whole top floor.
  • Buggs Grille and CornerStone Coffee are on the main level.
  • Cornerstone Coffee will open at 6am (though I'm not sure they're opening that early yet)
  • Buggs Grille currently operates just for lunch (which they did for the first time today) from 11am-2pm, but will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the future.
  • Mostly pedestrian beer options, only available in bottle (no menu, so this is just from the bartender): standard BMC offerings, plus Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Newcastle Brown and Delirium Tremens (which I ordered for what seemed reasonable: $3.75).
  • 36 wines on the wine menu.
  • Example wine price: Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon is the house cab: $36 bottle, $11 glass (at first, that seemed a little steep for a glass, but the menu notes that they do an 8oz pour).
  • Locals Chateau Thomas Chardonnay ($20) and Easley (??) on the menu.
  • One of my personal favorites: Dr. Frank Dry Riesling (NY Finger Lakes)
  • Menu range: $18 for half-chicken, $34 for lamb chops (?).
  • Appetizer range: $7 for soup to $15 for ??

Too many question marks are popping up in my thinking, so I'll stop there. As for the feel, I think they did a pretty nice job with the decor of the Tavern. I was mostly in the bar area and it's designed to be fairly dark with spot lighting. It was a little cold and breezy out, but I briefly stepped outside on the balcony. It's got a pretty nice view, but most of the skyline is blocked by Fairbanks Hall for a good chunk of the balcony.

I'll be back at some point for the food, but I think I'll wait for a braver person with deeper pockets to report before I go back. I will note that they said the menu will change periodically based on the availability of local ingredients. The menu made mention of many locally-sourced meats, so this is a good sign.

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