Friday, October 19, 2007

Beer: Casper Maus Brewery

Back in August, IUPUI put up signs identifying the locations of important structures that had been lost to history with the rapid expansion of the IUPUI campus. They're a nice addition, kind of a poor-man's historical marker and apparently very cheap -- the marker glued to a post for the recently razed IPS School No. 4 at Michigan and Blackford is already gone, perhaps a victim of the strong winds the other day (Correction: either my eyes were playing tricks on me or they very quickly fixed this sign, because it's back now). While I was taking pictures for yesterday's Campus Center post, I noticed this sign on the NW corner of University and New York:

Apparently the parking lot I was standing in to capture the South/Vermont St. Facade of the Campus Center was the location of a brewery! Here's a tidbit and small photo from IUPUI's "Spirit, Pride and Tradition" page:

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot ...

Maybe folk singer Joni Mitchell's song Big Yellow Taxi put it best: Only at IUPUI would college students have to choose between a fully functioning brewery and a parking lot. The current lot on the corner of New York Street and University Boulevard, west of Lecture Hall, once was the home of Casper Maus brewery. Well, it makes that "no-alcohol" policy a little easier to enforce."

More info about the Casper Maus Brewery and other Indianapolis breweries can be found in the Indy brewing history page at Indiana Beer.

Other quick beer news:
  • Hoosier Beer Geek reports that Brugge Beer will finally be available Nov. 1st. Can't wait to find out which bars/restaurants will have it on tap!
  • Coincidence or friendly rivalry? Jim of Hoosier Beer Geek noted that Chatham Tap's Bell's Oberon keg has finally kicked and has been replaced by Bell's Best Brown Ale. Likewise, MacNiven's keg of Third Coast Old Ale has also been finished and has been replaced by Bell's Best Brown Ale. If you love brown ale, apparently you can't go wrong on Mass Ave these days.
  • WTHR (NBC) reported on their noon news that Buggs Temple officially opened for business for lunch today.

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