Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photos: Buggs Temple to Open October 19th

"I'm bustin' Jerry, I'm bustin!"

That's how I feel having just read on Property Lines that Buggs Temple has finally announced an official opening date. To be fair, they've announced many opening dates in the past -- I have an email from them that mentions a September/October 2006 -- but never anything this specific. I can't wait to head up there next Friday and grab a beer and look out from the balcony. Should be an amazing view.

While we wait, here are some pictures I've taken over the years that they've been working on this project:

March 2006 (after the roof replacement and brick clean-up)

July 2006 (this was actually a shot of the Fairbanks Hall site, but you can see Buggs in the background, sans windows, with the patio/balcony partially constructed)

September 2007 (the patio and balcony above it, with Fairbanks Hall in the background)

I plan to have a post with pictures up next weekend.


Kevin said...

I wish I could be as confident as you, but Mack made Moe & Johnny's less fun and neighborhood-y (but it's now breathable, so it's an even trade in my book), and absolutely killed the vibe at Cornerstone and sent the coffee junkies across the street (a loss and then a gain with the News Cafe).

Regardless, I still go to M&J's. Well it's 3 blocks from my house and they show IU games (stupid Big Ten network), and have Sam Adams on tap, so I can't really avoid it. So I look forward to seeing what they have done with Buggs.

CorrND said...

My confidence/exuberance comes almost solely from the fact that I live in an apartment on the canal. Our list of neighborhood dinner places is Bourbon St and....well, that's about it. And while I like Bourbon St., it doesn't feel neighborhoody to me. More like an after-work downtown hang-out.

I expect Buggs will be overrun at lunch time just like the Indiana Ave. plaza near IUPUI. Weekends, especially during the summer, I'm sure it will also be overrun from the general public using the canal. But I hope that weekday nights it can feel like a neighborhood establishment. Time will tell, but at the very least, it's a second place to just walk out the door to.

Fingers crossed.