Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday's Five Ws (and One H)

Who is curious about how the NFL owners voted to give the Super Bowl to Indianapolis in 2012? IBJ's The Score has an interesting rundown on the process, including some estimates of the final vote.

What do you think of this idea about putting donation boxes for the homeless downtown? I'm sure they'll collect some money and do some good with the collections, but I have doubts that it will actually move the homeless off the street corners.

When will you be able to drink on the balcony at Brugge? Sounds like they're still several weeks (or more) away from completing the conversion of the upstairs space. (See Jim's comments on this post.)

Where do you go on Indy 500 weekend? Do you join the festivities at the track? Catch up on shopping while the rest of the city is at the race? Get out of town? (For whatever reason, I'm almost always out of town -- I even got married this weekend last year.)

Why haven't I brewed my next batch of homebrew yet?! My Digby IPA supplies are dwindling and my tripel is not exactly a session beer. Thanks to some tips from Matt, I think I'm going to give the Brewer's Best IPA kit another spin, though I'm going to use a different yeast strain this time.

How long has R Bistro been open? As of yesterday, exactly 7 YEARS! Congratulations Chef Regina!

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Erik Huntoon said...

I spend the weekend at the track. This year got to Carb day to be rained out and then Sunday to the race. Awesome weather for that at least. It's a good chance for me and my dad to hang out and take in an awesome event.

I am thinking about brewing an IPA soon myself. Still trying to decide if I want to try a new recipe, a kit, or re-make one that I already did. I have done a couple of IPAs, and they were when I was still very green at brewing. I am kind of curious to see how they may be better now that I have a much more fluid process.