Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beer: Brugge Tidbits

A couple quick notes from a chat with the bartender on my most recent Brugge trip:
  • Pale is almost gone so get in there quick if you want to try it (or get another) before it's gone. Ted is currently working on something to replace it.
  • All Black, White and Triple on tap anywhere -- including the Brugge Brasserie itself -- is coming out of Terre Haute at this point. The Brasserie facility is now being used for experimentation and specialty/seasonal beers like the Pale.
  • The tap handles at Brugge may seem like random works of art, but there's a meaning behind each of them that ties them to the beer they dispense. Next time you're in ask the bartender to get the full story!
  • After a very long absence, Dubbel and Saison are likely to return in the fall.
Brugge-related: Devour Downtown -- the bi-annual promotion that gets you three courses at most downtown restaurants for $30 -- starts next Monday. J. Gumbo's is once again participating and as usual is pumping of the value of their menu by adding a fourth course and beers with every course. Interestingly, they're providing all three standard Brugge offerings with their menu along with a pint of Redhook Sunrye Ale to start. Those beers would cost you almost $19 alone, so throwing four courses of food on top makes that a pretty good deal. Check out the full menu here as well as the other participating restaurants.

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