Monday, May 5, 2008

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Photo 6

New "duratherm" crosswalk markings were recently installed on the Cultural Trail. The material is pressed into the asphalt which should help with the longevity of the markings.
I'm guessing the Cultural Trail logo will be placed in the blank space shown in this photo. See other Cultural Trail photos here.


Mike said...

For some reason I can't get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song out of my head.

CorrND said...

Damn you. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head the rest of the afternoon.

Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!

Anonymous said...

Another chance missed to put the City Flag logo in the hardscape!

The Urbanophile said...

Thunder, I like your thinking on the city flag - keep it up!

I'm willing to forgive this however, since overall the Cultural Trail is such a first class project.

Jason said...

Less than excited about the color choice and graphic design of the Cultural Trail crosswalk. The method is alright with me; but now when I ride my bike on it, all I'll think is TMNT. Thanks Mike.

Erik Huntoon said...

LMAO.. I didn't get the TMNT impression until I read these comments and went back and looked. Now I can see it no other way. All in all I think it looks pretty cool.

There is a school crosswalk in Brownsburg near my house that is done similar to this. For the past couple years I have wondered how 'the paint' hasn't worn off or faded. Now I am sure it is the same material as this as it is the same color. Mystery solved.