Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photos: Zing Coming Soon

This second picture shows what I assume are pieces of the wrap-around patio. As long as it doesn't go up too quickly, I should be able to show the process of that being assembled. The interior also seems to be coming along with drywall up in most areas of the ground floor. The former bar area -- the southern end of the building along Indiana -- looks like it will be the kitchen when the building reopens as Zing. That could be very interesting, as there are a pair of large windows (right side of the image below) that would allow passersby to see all of the action inside.


Anonymous said...

You sure that sign doesn't say "GZIN"?

As in "a guy gzinta the bar..."

Mike said...

I'm with thundermutt (there's a line you don't use everyday...) - that logo is horrible.

CorrND said...

Agreed, if that's going to be the main logo, that's idiotic. The orientation of the G just invites it to be read backwards. I actually thought about using "GZIN" as the title to this post but I didn't want to confuse people. Plus, it wouldn't have helped with random google hits here. (not that there's that many people searching for info about Zing!)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I just googled Zing cause I drove bye it going to Distillery and came across this site!

They now have the framework up for a second level French Quarter Style balcony like Distellery, and with the recent announcement of Walker Theatre expansion hilighted today, I think this corner with continued expansion of IUPUI and the Paramount Tower if it goes up will be a hopping little area right close to downtown.

You gotta love how our Cultural Districts are starting to shape up!

CorrND said...

Thanks for the update anon!

I was surprised to see that it extends a bit beyond the south end of the building. And I'm not digging the silver color. Hopefully it's painted black or green (to match the building trim).