Monday, July 7, 2008

Beer: The Frugal Beer Drinkers Guide

Looking to go out for beer in downtown Indy on a budget? Here's a list of the best Monday to Friday deals in downtown.


  • J. Gumbo's -- $3.25 u-call-it pints
  • Alcatraz -- Half-priced growler refills
  • Rock Bottom -- All "standard" styles: $2 pints
  • John's Fine Wine & Spirits -- Buy three 6-packs, get one for a penny (must be different styles)
  • John's Fine Wine & Spirits -- 15% off single bottles
  • Alcatraz -- Half-priced growler refills
  • The Ram -- All "standard" styles: $2 pints
  • The Ram -- Half-priced growler refills
If you're not picky, the downtown brew pubs generally have a single style on special any day of the week you go in (though usually not on Friday or Saturday). If you've got tips for other great deals around town -- or downtown, if I missed one -- let everybody know in the comments!

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rodney said...

Growlers are half price all the time at the Ram during July. Also the Rock Bottom up north has some crazy food specials posted on their website in addition to the beer specials.