Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beer: Brugge, Goose the Market, and More

Just noticed over at Goose Blog that Chris Eley, chef/owner of Goose the Market, will be preparing a "Farm to Table" dinner Sunday, August 3rd at Good Life Farms in Eminence, IN. Information about other "Farm to Table" dinners can be found at Feed Me/Drink Me, but I'm mentioning this dinner specifically because the menu indicates "Beer, wine and cocktail pairings to follow." At the bottom of the menu, Brugge is among several names that will be supplying things for the dinner, so I think it's a safe bet that a Brugge beer of some sort will be among the pairings. Goose-Eley-Brugge and MORE?! Sounds pretty good. Reservations are $65, including tax and tip.

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