Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bike Life: Walkin' in the Rain

A day like today separates the men from the boys: will you bike/walk to work in the rain? I had no choice but to walk this morning -- amazingly, this was the first time in two weeks that I had to go somewhere in the rain -- but I have to admit that there's no way I would have done it if there was a car in the garage. Even the 8-10 minute walk, with an umbrella, through steady but not torrential rain got me pretty wet from the waist on down. It would take a stronger conviction than I've got to commit to doing this on a regular basis. I can't even imagine attempting a 10+ mile bike ride in the rain....


bhorg said...

I rode 3 miles this morning in the rain. Once you're wet, it doesn't really matter anymore. 10+ miles in the rain is actually quite refreshing.

When biking to work in the rain I carry an extra set of clothes in my bag. I'll probably end up getting actual rain gear at some point.

Jessica said...

When I worked downtown and walked to work I would regularly have the problem of being wet from the waist down. A bigger umbrella helped, but sometimes there's nothing you can do short of gore tex rain gear!

It stinks, but at least this is temporary for you?

CorrND said...

Wow, you're tougher than I! I wouldn't mind getting soaked through, but the idea of being soaked with road spray, etc., just doesn't sound like a good time. Do you at least get to use trails for some part of your commute?

CorrND said...

Yeah Jess, just one more week. I really don't mind the walking/biking at all. In fact, I kind of like it. It's nice to leisurely walk and sip my coffee on the way to work in the morning! Rain just takes all the fun out of it.

JSV said...

You should get one of those huge golf umbrellas.

Matt said...

In Chicago you have to be pretty aggressive with a bike... too aggressive. My fat ass would lose my balance and get my head crushed like a watermelon.

And the indie rock bike hippies here... Drive me crazy.

So I hoof it. Don't even own a car anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's the weather that separates the "true believers" from the rest of us. I admire dedication to any endeavor.

I also have a lot of trouble with the minority of "true believers" in any endeavor who are also militant and evangelical about pushing their beliefs on everyone else, usually preceded by some form of "you should" or "everyone should".

Those who try to argue that despite the weather Indianapolis residents should all ditch our cars and rely entirely on walking, biking, and public-transit are simply engaging in another form of (offensive to me) militant evangelical preaching.

If I were really dedicated enough to live that way I'd live in SFO, NYC, Philly, Boston, Washington, or Chicago where it's actually possible and (dare I say) easier than owning and keeping a car.

Advocates like bhorg, who stick to telling their own story and allow the reader/listener to draw conclusions for him/herself, deliver a much more powerful message than a militant evangelist IMO. The takeaway is, "gee, maybe I could do that some (more) of the time."

Thanks for NOT preaching, bhorg. Messages like yours help me think about "what can I do".

Matt said...

There is a street near my apartment that has a perfectly wide bike lane... that was on the route for a critical mass. That was not a fun day to be a pedestrian because I had to cross said street to get home from work.

Are those the preachy bat shit crazy militants you speak of?

Mike said...


Unless it's raining. Or too hot. Or really windy. Or I have to show up without a layer of sweat covering me.

The worst part about riding in rain is that cars really aren't expecting to see you.

bhorg said...

Critical Mass people aren't bat shit crazy militants. They just want the public (drivers specifically) to be aware that there are bicycles on the road and they should share the road.

Thanks for the kind comments, Thundermutt.