Sunday, February 24, 2008

DIG-B Traffic

Time for a little navel-gazing. I log the traffic on this blog with Sitemeter and you might say I have a mild obsession with it. After about four months, I've got quite a bit of information about the trends. Data, data, data -- it tells you everything:
  • What posts or topic areas get lots of hits? Beer and Development are about equal, with Gear a distant third.
  • What topics continue to get hits well after they're posted? Gear posts do much better long-term. Let me tell you, that Krups-Heineken BeerTender post is still HOT. (Thanks again for the tip, indysteve!)
  • What times of day do people show up? Not surprisingly, the peaks generally occur when people are arriving at work (8-9), during lunch break (11:30-12:30), at the end of the work day (4-5) and after dinner (8-9).
  • What leads people to DIG-B? People generally go directly to the main page or hit a specific post on a google search. About 99% of search hits come from google.
What fascinates me about the traffic this week is that the highest-traffic days of the week were the three days I posted nothing. What's so interested about nothing everybody?! The only thing I can think is that people return a couple times a day when there are no posts, just to see if anything new pops up. Rest assured, I don't plan to post nothing just to boost my "ratings"!


Matt said...

I am going to try out sitemeter since easycounter is boring and does not sate my hunger for internet lurking. Thanks man!

Kathy said...

I found your site through Google Reader's "recommended" sites. I guess it picked up on the fact I read a couple of other Indianapolis based blogs. Loved your pictures of the canal clean-up and the library. I haven't gotten down there yet.