Sunday, February 3, 2008

Go Giants!

That. Was. Awesome.

I'm popping a Goose Island Imperial IPA to celebrate (as I mentioned I would over at Matt's Beer Blog).  Here's to the Giants!  

What a class act Belichick was, walking out before the final snap of the game (this quote courtesy MJD at Yahoo Sports):

"There's time left on the clock, his team's been humbled, outplayed, and lost their chance at history ... and Bill Belichick doesn't have the stomach to sit there and absorb the pain until the clock read 0:00.

That's unsportsmanlike at best, disrespectful at least, and at worst, it makes him a big sissy."

UPDATE (11:22pm): The euphoria is wearing off -- happiness from a hated rival losing can only last so long -- but I just remembered that Plaxico Burress predicted a 23-17 Giants win.  Tom Brady was surprised to hear that, not because Plax predicted a Giants win, but because the score was so low (the Patriots lowest point total all season was 20). Turns out Burress overestimated.  Sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Tuck (or a couple of Giants d-line guys) probably should have been game MVP. Although the last-second drive was pretty compelling...Manning did find a way to win, and is probably deserving for that reason.