Friday, February 15, 2008

This n' That

Things are pretty slow in the DIG-B world but here are a couple quick tidbits:

Cosmopolitan on the Canal: site prep continues with lots of digging and a mini-crane on site.

Indiana Avenue Restaurant and Lounge: it looks like work is still going on on the inside, as several cars are parked around the building each day. They're sure being pretty secretive, though, with big plywood panels covering the doors so you can't see anything. No sign of work on the rumored second floor deck yet.

Bell's Consecrator Dopplebock: Bell's puts this limited-release beer out on Fat Tuesday each year. I used to get this with my brother when we wanted to "go big," though I probably haven't had it for two or three years. This year's batch arrived at Alabama Liquor sometime in the last week so I grabbed a 6-pack. Boy is this beer disappointing! I remember it tasting "huge" to us back in the day but now it tastes very thin to me, especially compared to some of the stuff I've been drinking. Could partly be because of my expectations, but it seems very blah. It's similar to my impression of British ales: not bad, just blah. I decided to forgive Bell's when I popped a Hopslam as my second beer of the night.

Everybody going Blu: While Best Buy isn't banishing HD-DVD from their stores, they've decided to "push" the Blu-ray format as a recommendation to customers. It might be about time for Toshiba and the HD-DVD consortium to give it up. There's no way they're going to reverse the industry's slow march to Blu-ray. UPDATE (4:15pm): Wal-Mart also just announced today that they'll stop stocking HD-DVDs by June of this year. This is SO over.

Weekend Plans: My weekend schedule got shuffled a little and was worried that I wouldn't be able to go to Jungle Jim's. Luckily, Ohio does sell alcohol on Sundays -- and liquor stores do just fine! -- so I'll be heading to Cincy then. I'll let you know what I find. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Jungle Jim's is a favorite destination of mine. Please let me know if you see any Fat Tire there. I've always thought they didn't ship east of the Mississippi-however a friend of mine swore Jungle Jim's was stocking it.

Matt said...

Buying an HDTV tonight.. looks like a PS3 soon too since HD DVD looks done. Really glad I held off on the HD DVD player for the 360 (which has dropped in price twice now...). I already have enough electronic paperweights around the house as it is!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Weber Grill, but on their website they list Fat Tire as one of the beers they serve. Can anyone confirm this?

Matt said...

is fat tire that hard to get in Indy? I can buy it at the grocery store!

Mike said...

I'll be answering the questions... ha.

Fat Tire isn't available in Indy, but you're really not missing much. Or maybe you had it on vacation and have fond memories... but I promise you that there are better examples of that style available in Indy.. try Fort Collins Retro Red, for example..

and here's a link:

CorrND said...

Thanks Mike.

And to Kyle Storms -- I didn't specifically see Fat Tire at Jungle Jim's. I must admit, however, that I wasn't looking too hard for it and there's an absurd amount of poorly organized beer there, so I can't swear that they DON'T have it. Proving something isn't there is a lot harder than proving it IS there!

I should have a post up about my trip and the stash I came home with sometime before the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

stumbled onto this blog and I love it. I love beer and I like to know whats going on in Indy. I work downtown and like to know whats up. Whats the deal with the Indiana Avenue Restaurant(sic)? Never heard anything about it. What building is it in?

CorrND said...

Thanks for stopping by anon!

I post beer news and tidbits as they come to me. For more comprehensive Indy beer info, definitely check out Hoosier Beer Geek as well. I'm only one guy and there are 6 of them -- they cover a lot more ground!

Indiana Avenue Restaurant and Lounge is a new restaurant at the corner of Indiana and West, the building that used to house Payton's Place. I've had a couple posts up that I probably should have linked back to. Sometimes I forget that everybody hasn't read everything I've written -- sorry about that! Click HERE to see all the posts.