Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday's Five W's (and One H)

Who is going to the Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner tonight? If you're going, look for a late-20s guy with glasses and a full-zip navy blue sweater and say hi!

What will the presidential campaign look like tomorrow after the dust settles from Super Tuesday? (Obama, Obama, Obama....)

When will I actually brew my next batch of beer? I've been saying I would get to it the last two weekends but never found the time to go buy ingredients. The WillCo is running low, time for more!

Where would you like to see streetcars around downtown Indy? A new group, Downtown Indianapolis Streetcar Corp. is planning to study possible routes for bringing them back to Indy.

Why not? Brewers of Indiana Guild are considering a Winter Microbrewers Festival next year. (via Indiana Beer News, Jan 30)

How about Bill Belichick? Two days later and I still can't get over what a douchebag he is for not sticking around for that final tick of the clock.

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Jessica said...

Rodney and I will be there tonight at the brewers' dinner - can't wait!