Friday, February 8, 2008

Beer: This 'n That

Brugge is moving up in the world! I was just playing around with World Class Beverages beer locater and I noticed that Meridian Restaurant has a keg of Brugge White. Brugge Beer, meet fine dining. I've been meaning to try out Meridian for a while and this will certainly get me there sooner.

BadaBoomz is doing a very good job keeping their online beer list up-to-date. It was recently updated on 2/1 and then again on 2/7. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot has been replaced by Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir as the February special (I'm a little leery of that, but I may give it a whirl). I think Founder's Dirty Bastard may be a recent addition to the list, but in any case, I'll be there soon to try that out on tap. Goose Island Pere Jacques is still on tap but I bet it won't last much longer.

Jungle Jim's: looks like I'll finally be making the trip down to Cincy to hit up Jungle Jim's next weekend. Got any recommendations for beers that we can't get here in Indy? Let me know in the comments!


Matt said...

Sadly all the local Cinncinatti beers I have had were not very remarkable. My father is from there and we go out there every father's day to pretty much hang out in bars he frequented in college. Last year was the cityview tavern, which did have a great view but not a great beer selection haha.

I would recommend you eat some Goetta for breakfast while you are up there if you like sausage. I prefer Gliers of the two brands they have, that stuff is great.

Jason said...

When they have it in stock, they carry Weyerbacher Double Simcoe I.P.A., which the NY Times declared as their second favorite DIPA behind DFH 90 minute. If they have any in stock, grab it. Then let me know. I'd buy some from ya! Apparentyly when JJ's gets in it, it flies off the shelf.

rodney said...

Goetta is gross and it tastes like the zoo smells.

Also Midas Touch tastes like white grapes and beer. Very sweet, sort of interesting and I would probably drink a few more if it were less expensive.

Greg said...

Brugge Black is at Spencer's Stadium Tavern, downtown Indy.

It's my new favorite beer in the winter. Hell, I might even like it in the summer too.

Matt said...

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, Great Lakes Blackout Stout, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold!

Also, look for Yulesmith and Alesmith IPA down there. I love that place.

CorrND said...

Thanks for the tips guys. I'll see what they've got in stock when I'm there.