Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Development: Cosmopolitan on the Canal is ON!

Just a quick note that as of today, fences are up surrounding the Cosmopolitan on the Canal site. In my quick drive by, it doesn't appear to be permanent fencing, more like the kind of fencing surrounding Military Park when a concert or festival is there. Still, this is a wonderful sign that this project is officially moving forward!

Here are a couple shots of the site as it looks before construction.

Once construction activity starts, you can be sure I'll have photos up here. See earlier posts here and here for renderings.


Anonymous said...

This will certainly be a transformative project for the area!

Kevin said...

Good infill. That vacant lot has been there for far too long.

Anonymous said...

I drove by on my work this morning and all the fencing was up. It also appeared that there were trucks there doing some sort of work on the site. This is a really exciting project. Hopefully it will convince OneAmerica to finally do something with all that surface parking over there.

Anonymous said...

YAY. Something I can point to and say, "Do THAT in my area".

I truly wish F&C the best in filling the place up!