Friday, January 18, 2008

Beer: It's Hopslam Day!

Hoosier Beer Geek reports that Hopslam, Bell's limited distribution Double IPA, has been received by Bell's local distributor, World Class Beverage. The WCB search engine indicates that it should be appearing on store shelves around Indy as of today. It ain't cheap -- I paid $15 for a 6er at Crown Liquor -- but it's SO worth it! Search for a location near you and pick some up.

Treat yourself, it's Hopslam Day!


Jason said...

I picked up a case for $50 at the Hop Shop. I think it is $14 for a 6 pack. It's going fast, from what I hear.

CorrND said...


I ended up buying a case total, but I bought it as two 6-packs at two different stores for a total of $61. I'm too nice....I should have just bought out Crown Liquor when I first saw it!

If the Hop Shop wasn't so damn far from me, I'd go there more often.