Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday's Five Ws (and One H)

Who is thinking about attending the Indiana Craft Brew & Food Symposium at L'Explorateur? No menu or price yet (hopefully they'll be available sometime this week) but Neal Brown mentioned over at Hoosier Beer Geek that a date has been set for Wednesday, February 27th. Also, H20 Sushi will be hosting a Beer Dinner on March 10th and Rock Bottom downtown will be hosting their next Brewer's Dinner on February 5th (thanks to commenter Rodney for that one).

What beers have people been enjoying recently? I popped open a Stone Arrogant Bastard last night to drown my sorrows. Maybe Rogue Dead Guy would have been more appropriate, but I didn't have any around. Some local brewer needs to make "Indy Choked at Crunch Time Ale" for these occasions.

When do you think Indy will start seeing the hops/barley shortages reflected in the price of beer? (Or if someone already has, what was the location/beer/price change?)

Where will you be eating during Devour Downtown Winterfest? My wife and I are thinking about finally trying Hot Tuna in the Omni.

Why aren't all awards shows done like the Golden Globes Announcement Special last night? I'm almost hoping the writers strike continues through the Oscars so we can get another awards show out of the way in this format. (I hate these awards shows in concept but I can't not watch!)

How is everyone recovering from the Colts loss to that bunch of back-ups?


Kevin said...

I love restaurant week. I'm hoping to finally go to Elements with my fiancee.

Jason said...

I've been to Hot Tuna once. Not bad. Though I haven't been back. I wonder why?

I'm in a football blackout through February. "Football Blackout Beer" might be worthwhile as well.

Unknown said...

I recovered from the Colts loss by pinning all my hopes and dreams on IU Basketball. Its only like 8 weeks until selection sunday!