Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beer: This n' That

  • Has anybody ever been to (or even heard of) the Bottle Shop at 49th and College? I was playing around with the beer locater engine on World Class Beverages site and it came up as a delivery location for a beer I was looking at (can't seem to remember which one). I'm curious if this is a place worth checking out.
  • Growlers are half price at The Ram for the entire month of January (via email newsletter).
  • Hoosier Beer Geek reports that Bell's is bottling Hopslam, their extremely tasty double IPA, this week. It should start appearing on store shelves late next week and the following week. There will only be one batch this year, so you better grab it quickly.
  • BadaBoomz kept their word and their online beer list has been updated, at least as of December 20th. Check out the beer menu here. As a nice reference, page one of the list also shows their daily specials.
  • Buggs Temple has finally launched a new webpage with menus: The Grill, The Tavern, The Tavern Bar Menu as well as The Tavern Wine Menu. At least they did a comprehensive job, even if it took months.
  • Hoosier Beer Geek and Feed Me/Drink Me are both discussing the issue of craft beer in restaurants. I brought this up a couple months ago, but it's generating a bit more discussion over there. If this interests you, go make your voice heard, if you haven't already.


Jason said...

Huh. So you did.

Kevin said...

I used to live at 49th and College. The Bottle Shop was pretty rough, but that didn't stop me from going there. Got some seriously skunky beer a few times, though. I doubt if they've changed much, either.

CorrND said...

I went to Brugge last night and drove past the Bottle Shop on my way. Does look a little rough around the edges. And coming from downtown, there's no reason I wouldn't just go to Kahn's, which is probably less than a mile away.