Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beer: Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner Menu

I received the menu for the upcoming Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner in the mail the other day. Rock Bottom hosts these dinners quarterly for a very reasonable $35/person. Since the Brewer's Dinner menus rarely get posted online -- and usually not in their entirety even if they do -- here's the full menu, verbatim, so you can see what you think (sorry, no time listed):

Brew Master Jerry Sutherlin
Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears
Seasonally ripened D'Anjou Pear wedges wrapped in Italian ham, laid over an apple pear glace, with hints of cinnamon and sugar, accompanied with a fontina cheese sauce.

Belgian Trippel called "Trouble"

Oyster & Chicken Gumbo
Traditional New Orleans style soup with all the right spices.
American IPA

Quail & Crawfish Cream
Quail Breast, pan seared and baked, with a sweet and zesty Crawfish Cream Sauce. Accompanied by dirty rice.
Circle City Light

Bananas Foster
A succulent dish of bananas sauteed in sugars and syrups, flambeed in rum, served ala mode.

Executive Chef Victor Garcia

UPDATE (1/27): Apparently Rock Bottom does have the menu online. Unfortunately, it's nearly unreadable. What I can make out, however, shows that the soup and entree have already changed from the menu I received last week. The beers remain the same. If you can read this, more power to you (click for a slightly larger, equally unreadable version):

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rodney said...

We received our mailed menu after we saw the one online, so we're also confused as to which one is more current. I would guess the one mailed out...

Also I think the Brewer's dinners usually start around 7.