Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beer: The Christmas Haul

The word is out in my family that I'm really into beer and homebrewing. Among other things, I received three beer books for Christmas!

Beer, Michael Jackson (my copy is older; it's now "Ultimate Beer")
The Brewmaster's Table, Garrett Oliver
Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide

I also received four Spiegelau Pilsner glasses:

A traditional pilsner glass is tall, tapered and thin, so I have no clue why Spiegelau calls those glasses pilsner. They should be awesome for Belgian beers, though! Interestingly, I received no actual beer for Christmas. Instead, I created my own Christmas haul from Beers of the World in Rochester, NY. Frankly, this store completely blows away everything we have here in Indy. Here's what I picked up, mostly from breweries I know have no distribution in Indy or beers I've never seen/tried before:

Weyerbacher Quad
Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA
Bear Republic Racer 5
Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout
Middle Ages ImPaled Ale
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' IPA
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Calabaza Blanca
Allagash White

Can't wait to try them all!

As a bonus, I also stopped off at Willoughby Brewing Company on the outskirts of Cleveland on my way back from Rochester. Their brewmaster once worked at Stone Brewing and created a beer at Willoughby called Homage to Arrogance (H2A). The guy sitting at the bar strongly recommended it, so I grabbed a growler of it and got back on the road. Once I got back to Indy and got everything unloaded, a pint of H2A was wonderful, tasty way to unwind from the trip, though I'm hard-pressed to say that it's as good as Arrogant Bastard. Willoughby is only about 5 miles off I-90, so if you ever find yourself in the area, I'd recommend checking it out. I expect I'll pack the growler and grab something on my future trips to Rochester.


Matt said...

that is a really nice haul from NY. I have always wanted to try the Jolly Pumpkin and the Bear Republic beers. Enjoy.

Have you bottled your homebrew yet?

CorrND said...

Sorry I missed you NYE Matt! Gina said you were there in the front area of the bar earlier in the night. I was in the back of the bar early, and returned to Deano's later for the Brugge.

The homebrew has been bottled. Did it just before I left for a week for Christmas, after 11 days fermentation. The kit directions indicate it's supposed to bottle condition for 2 weeks (done tomorrow) and then age three weeks for best taste. I tasted one after 6 days (couldn't wait) and another tonight (still couldn't wait!) and I'm pretty happy with it. After I wait the full aging time, I'll probably write something here.

rodney said...

Congrats on The Brewmaster's Table. I hope you find it to be a very enjoyable and interesting read. I suppose you can always re-gift it if I lied to you and it's horrible.