Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday's Five Ws (and One H)

Who has been to the reopened Central Library? I meant to get over there for the Grand Opening last weekend but I was busy reading up on homebrewing. Sometime when I get a second, I'll pop over there to wander around.

What is going on with this Hearthview condo project at Indiana and Capitol? It's been almost 8 months since the land sale without a peep.

When will my new brew be done? The wort had an original gravity of 1.068 and the measurement last night was 1.020. The instructions indicate the final should be 1.008-1.016, so it's getting close. I can't wait! (Even the sample tastes good!)

Where are you going for Christmas? I'm headed to snowy Rochester, NY where I'm going to hit up "Beers of the World" for anything we can't get in Indy.

Why do I hate the new mini-carts at O'Malia's? Because EVERYONE is using them and you can't move around the store easily anymore. I thought they were great at first, but come on people -- you don't need a cart to pick up 8 items!

(And yes, it's O'Malia's to me. I'm boycotting the new name.)

How far will the Colts go in the playoffs this year? And what to do about Marvin Harrison? I say either he plays next weekend or he sits down for the season. At this point, it's a very real possibility that a rusty Harrison could be detrimental during the playoffs.


Kyle Storms said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I'm looking for a career change into commercial development-and I love beer. Please keep up the good work!

Kyle Storms said...

By the way-I have pretty good info that Marvin is going to be fine...

CorrND said...

Welcome Kyle and thanks for the Marvin info! If he's ready to go this weekend, I think that's great. Two weeks should be good enough to get his timing down and game legs back under him to be ready for the playoffs.

Jason said...

I've been to the Central Library. Beautiful space. I'm hoping to post a write up today or tomorrow.