Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beer: This n' That

  • Badaboomz's keg of Hop Juice has run dry and they may be moving the Double Bastard over to that tap. (Nitrogen? Handpull? Honestly, I don't know enough about beer tap service, so can anyone point me to a good primer on the subject?)
  • Parti Pak has a few cases of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout if anybody's interested. A 4-pack will set you back $18.99, but it's delicious. (Yes, I know I can't shut up about this beer!)
  • On Matt's Beer Blog's recommendation, I finally tried Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale. Very tasty stuff -- check out Matt's review for more info. There are maybe a dozen still available at Parti Pak in 24 oz. bottles for $4.99.
  • Rock Bottom downtown is tapping Old Curmudgeon tomorrow night (Wednesday the 19th) at 6pm. According to the Brewers of Indiana Guild, it's a Double IPA. Rock Bottom northside will be simultaneously tapping it if you don't want to head downtown.
  • While doing some Southside shopping I decided to pop into Shallos. They have a keg of Oaked Arrogant Bastard waiting in the back for the Double Bastard to be finished. Get in there and have a pint of Double Bastard so we can get to the Oaked AB! Also of note: Shallos has the BEST wings I've yet tasted in the city. Having grown up in Western NY, this is what I think wings are supposed to taste like, with sauce cooked right into the wing. Screw bw3s cook-'em-naked-then-slather-'em style.


Jim said...

HBG is headed to the downtown Rock Bottom for the Old Curmudgeon tapping. If you're there, we'll see you!

Matt said...

I am glad you liked the Harvest Ale. Good price on it as well.

Won't be able to make it out to the tapping tomorrow. I work in Greenwood and am working until 6 tomorrow.