Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beer: Lucky Me

Turns out Badaboomz was (unknowingly) holding out and they actually had two bottles of Founders Breakfast Stout stashed in the back of their cooler. Apparently that kind of thing happens when you store a gazillion bottled beers! And little did I know, they have a carry-out alcohol license. This is mainly for serving people staying in the Hampton Inn rooms above them but any patron can take advantage. Their standard bar pricing makes carry out a little silly for most beers -- just go to a liquor store and save some bucks -- but for the rare items on their menu, this is your only option. Things like Breakfast Stout, which I happily took with me.

I also scored some Goose Island Bourbon County Stout at Kahns, making it two-for-two on the beers I wanted to find last week. Kahns had a full row of 'em when I was there and, just like the Goose Island Imperial IPA, they charge $19.99 for 4 bottles. But as Lance says in Pulp Fiction, "when you shoot it, you'll know where that extra money went.....this one's a fuckin' madman."

(Please don't shoot it, though. It tastes much better in your mouth.)

Interesting GIFT IDEAS for beer lovers: Kahns has a couple of those ridiculously large bottles of Stone Double Bastard. I forget the exact price, but I think it may have been $70. If you're interested, I'd suggest calling them at 251-9463 to verify the price and availability. I also noticed that they've got 1.32 gallon mini-kegs of Bell's Two Hearted Ale for $21. Are those new or have I just never seen them before? And finally, they've got an assortment of mixed 12-packs containing three each of four different holiday seasonal beers like Delirium Noel, Bell's Winter White, and various "winter warmers."

More Badaboomz tidbits:
  • Blue Moon is on the way out, to be replaced by Brugge White. They actually killed Blue Moon about a week ago in anticipation of the White, but Brugge Beer is behind schedule and they won't have it available for a couple more weeks. Once they do, Badaboomz will have both Black and White available. Blue Moon is back on tap for now.
  • Badaboomz has not one, not two, but three different internet domain names. badaboomz.com and badaboomz.net both take you to the same place where you can see their food menu, but badaboomz.biz takes you to an entirely different page where you can also view their beer menu. It's dated by a couple months right now but still gives you a good idea of their pricing and selection, about 75% of which really never changes. The bartender promised they'll get it updated soon and that it will be regularly updated in the future.
  • Sign up for their email update list at the bar, which should also become active soon.
Someone needs to stop me....I'm developing a Badaboomz habit....

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Matt said...

The two hearted mini kegs just came out this year. They are a curse! I love two-hearted, so if you open it up you need to drink it fairly quickly since it doesn't really keep that well. Good to have some people over and try it out though.