Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday's Five Ws (and One H)

Who has tried the Ram seasonal, "Old Jack’s Blizzard Ale," an Imperial ESB?

Aside: check out Rita Kohn, a Nuvo writer who appears to have taken over for Terry Kirts as their restaurant reviewer (or maybe filling in while they look for a permanent replacement). She's apparently quite a fan of beer, having written reviews of downtown brew pubs The Ram last week and Alcatraz this week, as well as a number of other beer-related articles in the past several months.

What ale should I serve with a standing rib roast? (I'm thinking Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale, but I'm open to suggestions.)

When will I actually start shopping for Christmas gifts? (This item will keep appearing until I do!)

Where will you be Friday night? How about Big Car in Fountain Square, where Hoosier Beer Geek is offering a free beer tasting from 7-9pm?
UPDATE: HBG has posted the beer lineup for Friday.

Why did they have to change the name of O'Malias to Marsh the Marketplace? (And who's going to try out their extended-'til-2am hours tomorrow? The checkout person I talked to yesterday said it's only a one week experiment; if sales aren't good it'll drop back to midnight, which I think is plenty.)

How shocking/refreshing is it going to be when the next President takes office and we don't feel like they're constantly trying to deceive and mislead us? (Just most of the time...)

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