Monday, March 29, 2010

Photos: Cosmopolitan on the Canal -- The Left Bank Patio

The Left Bank coffee shop -- operated by street-level neighbor Mo'Joe Coffeehouse -- will be occupying the canal-front retail space of the Cosmopolitan on the Canal. A concrete patio for canal-side outdoor seating began to be poured on Friday and The Left Bank is expected to open in early May. Here's a peak at the first stage (they have since poured more).

A cozy corner immediately north of the Indiana Historic Landmarks Foundation Headquarters.

Looking north, a view of the entire canal frontage.

The entrance for The Left Bank.

According to the leasing office, this side of the retail frontage (the northern half) is a residents social area. The Left Bank will be in the southern portion of the space, and looking through the windows, it appears that there is no strict partition (a two-sided fireplace roughly divides the space). EDIT (4/4/10): The sidewalks are done and you can now walk right up and look in the windows. There is definitely a full wall separating the Left Bank Cafe from the rest of the space. The Left Bank will only occupy about one-third of the canal-front space to boot. Very unfortunate.


Curt said...

Happy to see the baricades finally coming down. I saw where they took the fence down up on Michigan when I was headed into school yesterday. They were still smoothing out the concrete when I went by.

CorrND said...

My wife and I are pretty excited about that Michigan sidewalk FINALLY being done. We like to walk from our apartment over to Mo'Joe for coffee (or a beer?) with the baby and we have to cross Michigan twice to avoid that ~10' spot with no sidewalk. Now we won't have to deal with Michigan at all.

With the Cultural Trail, Cosmo and Senate Manor work being done, the pedestrian experience in my neighborhood has been pretty screwed up for the last six months. Just a little longer and St. Clair and the Walnut St. pedestrian bridge should finally be reopened across the canal and everything will be back to normal. No, not normal -- better than ever!

AmericanDirt said...

Bummer that the northern half of the canal frontage for Cosmo is going to be a "residents' social area"--meaning off limits to passers-by, I assume. I understand that a place as nice as the Cosmo needs some amenities, but this basically privatizes a section of very public frontage, potentially resulting in a dreary engagement with the canal much like the disastrous Marriott Courtyard lounge. It's also eliminating a potentially VERY lucrative revenue stream for Flaherty and Collins. I wonder if they'll see the error of their ways if Left Bank succeeds.

CorrND said...

Just to clarify the context of the "resident social area" comment, that was information I gleaned on a tour as a potential tenant. They were obviously pumping up the features of the complex and said that was a residents' space with things like a Wii gaming corner.

However, my guess is that the whole area will essentially be open to the public. As I noted, there doesn't appear to be a strict wall barrier between the spaces, so I don't know how they would keep Left Bank customers from using the whole space.

We'll see when things open up in May.

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