Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photos: Construction Begins on Sarojo Commons

Site clearing began for Sarojo Commons about a month ago and concrete foundations are now beginning to be poured. Here's a peak at the work being done on the southeast corner of Capitol Ave. and St. Clair St.

Looking south, Capitol Ave. at right.

Looking east, St. Clair St. at left.

The entire site, looking southeast across the intersection of Capitol Ave. and St. Clair St.

A rendering of Sarojo Commons, submitted to the Metropolitan Development Commission.


Kevin said...

The worst looking renderings seem to be the ones that actually get built. Depressing.

CorrND said...


Here's hoping that 6 m/o rendering has been updated/improved or turns out much better when it's standing in front of us.

CorrND said...

Wishful thinking:

There's an angled corner to the foundation at Capitol and St. Clair that doesn't seem to be reflected in the rendering. That could indicate that the plans have been tweaked.

Anonymous said...

That NW corner footing is for an outdoor plaza that was included in the approved site plan.

CorrND said...

Thanks anon. Is that viewable anywhere online? I can't seem to find it in MDC records.