Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail North Corridor Update

These photos show construction of the North Corridor of the Cultural Trail, specifically Walnut St. between Senate Ave. and Meridian St. Photos taken Saturday June 20th.

Looking East from Senate and Walnut (the Central Canal is one block to the West).
The Cultural Trail will occupy the entire street bed between the Canal and
Capitol, though vehicles will NOT be restricted from driving in this section.

Looking South on Senate, showing the future curb bump-out.

Looking Southwest from Capitol and Walnut.

Looking West from Capitol and Walnut (Zesco at left).

Looking East from Capitol and Walnut. Between Capitol and Meridian, the Cultural Trail will be on a raised median at the center of Walnut. Vehicle traffic will be divided to either side of the trail.

Looking East from Illinois and Walnut.

Same location as the previous photo, capturing the glory of the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Looking South on Capitol, showing the curb bump-out.

Looking North from Meridian and Walnut. This will be the entrance
for westbound vehicles on this section of Walnut.

Looking West from Meridian and St. Clair.


thundermutt said...

Shared street? Shades of Hans Mondermann!

Very cool shots. Can't wait for it to be more complete.

Indy Rock said...

Do you think once this trail is done Brian Payne will travel to other cities and help implement similar trails. Like in 10-20 years do you think our beloved Cultural Trail will no longer be "unique" because dozens of other cities have copied our trail design?

thundermutt said...

Indy and OKC have "copied" the San Antonio Riverwalk, but the original is still by far the best.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the updates bro? Your blog is one of my local favorites because of your coverage of projects I care most about. :)

CorrND said...

I was actually just writing an update to tell people that the blog isn't dead. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

One week later... ;)

AmericanDirt said...

CorrND (or anyone else)--

Do you know if there have been plans to bury or conceal overhead cables along the trajectory of the Cultural Trail, at least in places where they cables aren't already underground?

CorrND said...

anon -- workin' in it. I wanted to take some pictures the last two weekends but weather and BEER conspired against me. I swear this blog isn't dead! Hopefully this weekend I'll have some new pictures and I intend to talk about the future here with that.

AmericanDirt -- welcome to the blogosphere! Regarding the cables, I haven't heard anything about burrying the lines. I did hear about a "significant amount of utility relocation work" when I attended a meeting for the Cultural Trail with the Ransom Place Neighborhood Association. Unfortunately, I believe that mostly involved underground work (I've seen a lot around my complex on the canal) and moving utility poles out of the right of way that the Cultural Trail wants. I wish they had the foresight to bury the lines with that move, but I bet they had a hard enough time coming up with the money to move those poles.