Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo: Indianapolis Skyline from the Northwest

Walking down Indiana Ave. the other day, I was drawn to this view of the skyline with the new One Indiana Square facade in there (the blue one second from left). I find the new facade to be rather boring and monotonous from a distance but considerably more interesting up close. It definitely adds an element of coolness to the skyline in a shot like this that displays some depth. It's a nice pair to the AT&T 220 Building (the blue one at center) -- eventually a trio with the JW Marriott hotel under construction.

As always, click on the photo to see a higher resolution version.


thundermutt said...

This photo underscores what a barrier to development those AUL surface lots present.

To find the next 10-story building NW of this point, one must go to IUPUI or Methodist...nearly a mile west or a mile and a half north. (I'm ignoring the buildings straight north in the Meridian Corridor).

AmericanDirt said...

A wonderful, if misleading photo, that implies a majestic skyline while shrewdly concealing the fact that the pic is being taken from an ocean of parking lots. Imagine how much more of a vista the city could offer if those lots were even partly developed.

But enough about skylines. We must look at the AUL Building in the context of the ethos in which it was built, at a time in the early 80s when workers wanted (perhaps more than they needed) a fortress to protect them from a desolate and moribund downtown. Thus, most likely outside of the fault of the architects, the building ranks in the top five in the city for gestures hostile to urbanism. Coming down Indiana Avenue, one feels as though he/she might slam into the wall at the base of the tower. Not the most inviting entrance to the city's center.

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