Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo: The Many Architectural Styles of Methodist Hospital

Like many older hospitals, Methodist Hospital has been added onto again and again and again over the years with very little regard to making the overall structure cohesive in any way. This particular shot is looking due south from Employee Parking Garage 3. How many architectural styles do you see?


Unknown said...

Its even less cohesive on the inside; trying to navigate it if you are not familiar can be quite difficult...

thundermutt said...

1. '70s Urban Renewal (front and center)

2. '20s Style with Mission elements (left 2nd row)

3. '50s Generic Tan-Brick Hospital (left center 3rd row)

4. '60s Mid-Century Modern Tan-Brick Institutional (right center 3rd row)

5. '80's Generic Corporate Park (straight back and right side)

6. (not visible) '70s EPCOT Modern (monorail)

CorrND said...

Matt -- you ain't kidding! I can't tell you how many times I got lost in there when I started working. At least I have the research area of the hospital figured out now.

Nice job thunder! The only other non-visible element is probably the garage appendages (i.e. stuck right out there, not even remotely hidden). Not sure what you'd call that. Even the garages aren't all done in the same style, though, so that might add more than one entry to the list!

thundermutt said...

Also not visible: Methodist Tower Inn, another 70's Urban Renewal Gem connected by a very odd angled gerbil tube.

I'm not exactly sure how to categorize the Lighthouse element. '40s Religious Mission Revival?

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