Monday, April 6, 2009

Photos: Signs at Buggs Temple, Finally

It's not like anyone is going to miss the restaurant action on the canal side, but I have to think that branding the building on that side would help business as well.


thundermutt said...

Wow. All the money and time spent on that building, and they couldn't replace the little bit of broken concrete left on the north side?

That really "brands" the building. In a not-good way.

CorrND said...

I agree. My wife and I comment on that every time we walk by. It's a strange situation to have a relatively new sidewalk and a recently renovated building with that strip of horrible concrete in-between.

thundermutt said...

For a few thousand bucks they could build planters.

For a few hundred, they could rip out the bad and replace it with bushes or flowers at grade. Looks from your pics as if they would get enough water.

Unknown said...

Your right about needed repairs on the sidewalks. Actually, you may notice that the canal people space is not very well maintained. We have the city (new mayor et al) to thank for that. The city owns this section of the canal and it is their responsibility to maintain it. Buggs Temple (the building) is owned by a real estate investment group and has problems of their own maintenance wise. It is unfortunate that the "city" does not do more to maintain the space and promote business on the canal.
You may also notice the lack of ADA compliant access to the canal. Would make for a good lawsuit.

j . j . said...

Dave, you might want to revisit the canal. You would discover the GIANT RAMP that accesses the lower level (canal side) from teh BUGGS temple area (it actually occurs on EACH SIDE of the large reflection pool).

Knock yourself out trying to file that lawsuit. When you're destitute from throwing money away on this, you can sleep under one of the canal bridges to keep out of the elements. :)