Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This n' That

Things are a little busy for me right now, so how about checking out these other interesting sources for now:

Brew Bits is back from vacation and has a huge rundown of beer industry news.

Generik's Tap's Red Wings finally shut down my wife's Stars to reach the Stanley Cup finals. Plus, a review of Three Floyds Fantabulous Resplendence, their anniversary beer that was released last year.

Matt took a weekend trip to Grand Rapids and hit up Founders and The HopCat.

Hoosier Beer Geek has info and menus for upcoming beer dinners.

Check out recent pictures of the construction progress on 3Mass over at Skyscraper City. Looks like the underground parking garage is almost done and the steel frame for the building is starting to go up.

Jason has Part 2 of his IUPUI Campus Center review up at Circle & Squares. If you missed it, also check out Part 1.

If you even have a passing interest in what makes urban areas tick, read everything The Urbanophile puts up.

If I get a chance this week, I'll try to grab some pictures of the construction progress at the Cosmopolitan. Lots of concrete work to show. One of these days, I'll also get over to The Maxwell to show the construction progress.

Anybody been to Brugge recently? Is the upstairs open yet?

Oh yeah, and Indianapolis....Super Bowl....2012.....AWESOME!


Jim said...

We'll be at Brugge tonight for a review of the Tripel. We'll let you know if the upstairs is open.

Jim said...

Looks like the upstairs at Brugge has a bit of a ways to go before it's ready. They're still painting the walls, but there is no furniture at this point, and they still have yet to install the kitchen appliances (there will be a separate kitchen upstairs). It certainly won't be open by the end of this month. I'd say it's at least a month out from being ready, but don't quote me on that. They'll certainly be ready for business by the Microbrewers' Festival in July.

In the near future, we'll have some postings at HBG about the upstairs and other pieces of Brugge news. We sat down and interviewed Ted and Charlie last night about the goings on there. Great time. Those guys are true gentlemen. By the way, get the Brugge Pale Ale while it's still on tap.

Jason said...

Look for Part 3: the CONCLUSION! of my IUPUI review soon!

And try some of Brugge's Pale Ale. It's not what you think!

CorrND said...

Thanks for the update Jim! I look forward to the HBG stories. I gave the pale a whirl a little while ago and I enjoyed it for a change of pace (has Ted ever made a bad beer?!). I'm hard-pressed to order it over the Black or Tripel, though. Man, their beef stew with the Black is outta this world!

I love Brugge beer, their food, their people and their location, but I think they might need a class in managing expectations. They're becoming the Buggs Temple of the Indy beer world!

Bottled beer in September '07?
New webpage by the end of April?
Expansion in May?

What's kind of hilarious is what Charlie said when promoting the new webpage:

As hard as it may be to believe, our website should be up within the next 2 weeks. We wish it had been sooner, but we're big believers in keeping our mouths shut until we actually have something to say. (from 4/6)

That's pretty funny. I look forward to bottled Tripel on June 1st.....maybe!

Erik Huntoon said...

So the wife is a Star's fan, eh? They put up a great fight after going down 0-3. Thanks for the link :-)

I wish I had more chance to get over to Brugge. A pale ale sounds pretty good from them. Do they have anything else on tap that isn't from the Terre Haute facility?