Friday, May 2, 2008

This n' That

Brugge Brasserie: in addition to their regulars -- White, Black and Tripel de Ripple -- they've got a Belgian pale ale on tap now.

Fogo de Chao: I took a walk past Fogo de Chao -- the new Brazilian steak house in the Broadbent Building that's expected to open sometime this month next week (see braingirl's comment below) -- and from what I could see, the inside looks pretty amazing. Lots of dark woods and what I think was a tiled floor in the bar area (tucked into the point of the building at Virginia and Washington). There's a very nice stained-glass window at the point of the building featuring the restaurant's name. Expect pictures of the exterior soon (see older photos here).

Cosmopolitan on the Canal
: this is a very active site these days. Lots of concrete has already been poured for what will be the garage at the center of the complex. They've recently started concrete work for the "main" structure at the corner of Michigan and Senate.

RCA Dome Deconstruction: a schedule for the deconstruction of the RCA Dome was released this week. Work will be done in stages, beginning with the removal of signage this month and culminating with the implosion of the upper deck seating in October. The Indy Star indicates that work on the Convention Center expansion will begin in June. Given that the bulk of the expansion requires the removal of the RCA Dome, I can only assume that work will begin first on the small expansion to be added to the NW corner of the existing structure.

Dark Lord Day: Bob Ostrander of Indiana Beer has posted his take on Dark Lord Day along with a great set of photos at the event. Check it out here as well as his most recent, loaded news update.


braingirl said...

Fogo opens next week. First service (invite only, I think) is Wednesday. They should be taking reservations for Thursday or Friday.

CorrND said...

Thanks for the info! I added it to the post.

Anthony Bullard said...

We have a Fogo de Chao here. Very highly reccomended. My wife and I are going to their only competitor in the Brazilian Steakhouse market(called Texas de Brazil) for our anniversary this week.

Matt said...

Fogo is ridiculous.

Of course Chicago has had one for years...