Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Photos: Biocrossroads Area

With a little extra time after lunch I decided to try to take some pictures of the Riley Hospital Tower addition (in case you haven't heard, the Simon's are giving $40M to Riley Hospital). I was trying to get a wide perspective of the construction by driving up Indiana and ended up driving SW off Indiana toward the White River.

I haven't been back there in years. When I first moved here five plus years ago, I used to drive around everywhere to get a feel for the city. This area is so funky and awesome! You've got the abandoned Bush Stadium, the White River and the greenway trail, an old railroad track (the Beltway RR? anyone know?), the classic old Indianapolis Water treatment plant, and tons of warehouse buildings, several of which seem to be occupied by IUPUI.

That last part is worth noting because this area has been earmarked by the city for future development of an integrated life sciences research area called Biocrossroads. IUPUI has apparently been buying up property all along this stretch in preparation for this. A large swath has already been cleared on the north side of Indiana between Fall Creek and Rembrandt St.

I'll probably post some pictures of the Riley Hospital Tower in the next couple days, along with some renderings I just discovered. For now, here's a quick look at the area around the water treatment plant where I was today:

The Indianapolis Water treatment plant:

Railroad Bridge over White River (Candlewood Suites and Park Place Apartments, formerly Riverpointe, in the distance):

The slowly decaying main entrance to Bush Stadium:

Water treatment plant with Riley Hospital tower in the distance (yes, a $235M construction project apparently gets you two big yellow cranes):

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