Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beer: This n' That

  • Rock Bottom: We popped in yesterday for nachos and beer. I normally avoid their seasonal wheat -- really, I avoid most wheat beer -- but Monday's are $2 wheat pints and I was intrigued by the board description: "unfiltered German Hefeweizen with hints of banana and clove." That's exactly how I like wheat beer, if I'm going to have one. It was delicious and refreshing. My wife had the seasonal Hoosier Ma Stout, an Imperial Stout. Equally tasty -- I ordered a pint of that for myself as well.
  • Brugge On Tap: Hoosier Beer Geek reports that Badaboomz has Black on tap right now.
  • Buggs Temple: My wife and I finally ate at The Grille on Saturday. We started off splitting a bowl of french onion soup and boy did it stink when it arrived at the table! Still, it was damn tasty. I'm no connoisseur of french onion soup, but it was perhaps the best I've ever had. For my entre, I ordered the Indiana Style Fish and Chips, local catfish with house-made thick-cut potato chips. My wife ordered the burger with blue cheese. Both were very tasty, but at $11 each, they didn't seem quite worth it (thankfully we had a buy one, get one half-off coupon to help). For burgers, I think you can get one as good or better at Front Page on Mass Ave. for quite a bit cheaper ($6-8). As a side note, I have to call them out for still not posting their menu online. They've been open almost four weeks already! Delays must be part of their business model.
New and very creatively titled blogs that have recently popped up:
  • Goose Blog: new blog from The Goose. Hopefully they'll end up with some creative content, but for now it looks like it's being used to easily push store and sale info to customers.
  • Brugge Beer: brand new blog from Brugge Beer/Brasserie. As of right now they only have their "mission statement" up, but from the sound of things, this should be interesting to follow.

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