Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photos: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Photo 21 (Set)

This photo set focuses exclusively on one block of the Cultural Trail: Walnut St. between Senate Ave. and Capitol Ave. This block is unusual in that the entire road bed has been replaced by the Cultural Trail. I've been told that this is to be a shared vehicle and trail space, as businesses around Walnut St. require access to Walnut St. for trucks, but that signage will attempt to limit unnecessary vehicles on the trail.

Looking East on Walnut St. at Senate Ave.

Looking East at the inlaid brick pattern.

Looking East at the Cultural Trail-standard lamp posts.

Looking East at the intersection with Roanoke St. (an alley).

What was once a sidewalk along Zesco Products'
building is now a raised bed of greenery.

Looking Southwest from the intersection of Walnut St. and Capitol Ave.

For comparison, earlier construction photos of this area -- with the sidewalks and road bed completely removed -- are available here.


Kevin said...

Looking pretty good. The bed of greenery doesn't bother me too much, in fact I kind of like it. Hopefully it's not too big of an issue with the shared bike/ped space.

CorrND said...

I agree -- while it seems like an odd use of very limited right of way, I think the greenery looks fantastic nestled between the red brick of the Zesco building and the brick of the Cultural Trail.

cdc guy said...

Looks way different than when we did the SSC Walkabout.

If you recall from the walk in September, that "greenery" is actually a "green roof" on a part of the Zesco basement that extends out to the curb.

Is this part of the trail going to be spooky at night with no "eyes on the street" from an adjoining vehicular ROW or housing?

Anonymous said...

Note in the new video posted at
at time 6:00, the map now shows the trail wholly on Washington St., with a lollipop around Monument Circle. On the map page, the maps still show a portion on Market.

Anonymous said...

Now, both maps downloadable from the map page show the full Washington St. /Monument Cirlcle lollipop route.

Anonymous said...

"What was once a sidewalk along Zesco Products'
building is now a raised bed of greenery." I believe it is acutally a green roof over a basement vault.