Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photos: The Pedestrian Plan at Watermark Townhomes

North St. near Senate Ave., at the entrance to Watermark Townhomes.


thundermutt said...

Such WONDERFUL canal access!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says urban living like a walled-off development with no pedestrian access.

thundermutt said...

In the last picture, note the barricade between the condos. Two levels of guardrail, two red diamonds, and a yellow diamond sign.

Why not just build a stair instead?

CorrND said...

Exactly. I always thought they intended to do that. The second condo from the left is relatively new. Before that was put in, there was a relatively large gap between the far left condo (kind of out by itself) and the row of condos that starts on the right of the current gap. I assumed that gap was left on purpose to possibly add a canal access point or another pedestrian bridge to the other side of the canal (there's a small unused section of canal frontage over there).

For once, google maps outdated satellite imagery comes in handy, as you can see the gap as of a couple years ago. You can also see the unused space on the other side of the canal.

As you say, though, there's still space to at least add a small staircase for the residents.

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