Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photos: Cosmopolitan on the Canal Construction Update

If you stumbled upon this post looking for information about the Cosmopolitan fire on March 12, 2009, information and photos can be found here and here.

The first photo in this set was taken January 28, 2009. The remainder were taken February 8, 2009. Previous construction updates and renderings can be viewed here.

On the day of the Great Indianapolis Snow Storm of '09.
Probably shouldn't have been out driving.
Definitely shouldn't have been taking pictures out my windshield.

Looking North along the canal from the Michigan/Indiana Bridge.

Looking East at the canal-side courtyard space.

Looking Northeast from the Historic Landmarks Foundation loading loop.

Looking Northeast at the Michigan frontage. The brick facade is being
attached underneath the plastic sheeting but nothing is visible yet.

Looking West at the Senate frontage.

Looking Northwest at the Senate frontage.

The parking garage entrance along the Senate frontage.

The effect on the Michigan streetscape looking West.

The effect on the Senate streetscape looking South.


Alan Maginn said...

I'm not gonna lie to you. I really want to have an ice skating race with you on that canal a la Will Arnett and Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory.

The Urbanophile said...

One of the more notable things about that series of photos: no pedestrians anywhere. That says it all about how development in the canal district was conceived and promoted.

CorrND said...

Hahahaha, nice!

You know, they actually used the canal for the swimming leg of a triathlon last summer. I definitely wouldn't want to go in there, though they say that the water quality is really not that different from swimming in a lake.

CorrND said...

U-phile -- yeah, and that was on a sunny, mild (mid 40s), Sunday winter afternoon. If people aren't coming out then, they're probably not coming out. I passed maybe 3 couples in about 10 minutes while I was taking pictures at canal level.

We'll see what the 218 apartments and retail does for the area. Those apartments should probably add 300-400 full-time residents -- mostly young professionals and students.

Unknown said...

Swimming in the canal...Yuck.

thundermutt said...

Aren't there already that many apartments and that many hotel rooms on the west bank of the Canal?

If no one has responsibility for programming and planning activities on the Canal, the space will never be a happening place.

CorrND said...

True, there are several times as many apartments already in the area. But nothing approaches the residential density of this project, and none of them have the retail (at least nothing designed like this).

I think those two factors set this project apart and provide it with a possibility to be the center of action for the whole residential node around Indiana and Michigan. I've said before that the two block radius around Indiana and Michigan probably has one of the highest residential densities of the entire city.

Mike said...

I won a canoe race in the canal once, and then Bugs Temple sent me to Vegas.

You might think I'm making that all up..

Anonymous said...

Regarding the lack of pedestrians, from the angles of shadows in all of the photos (less the first), I am deducing that these photos were taken in the morning rather than the afternoon. Sunday morning, would be EXPECTED to be one of the least busiest times for pedestrian traffic, one would think.

CorrND said...

You know what, anon, you're right. I took the shots for the JW Marriott in the afternoon after lunch. These were probably around 11:30am. Sorry if there was any confusion.

Nobody doubts you Mike. But you need to loan me your canoe for my commute now. I'll tie it up at the Buggs Marina.

thundermutt said...

Unique intermodal commute: Canoe to Buggs Temple and take the train to Methodist.

thundermutt said...

Also, I'm not so sure that retail at street level on Michigan & Senate will do much for the Canal. Seems to me it will draw people up from the canal instead of reinforcing activity there.

What the Canal needs is a good Farmer's Market at the old basin just below St. Clair. And art fairs. And food fairs. And performers. And outdoor movies.

It needs to be programmed. See Project for Public Spaces website for details.

CorrND said...

I definitely agree, thunder, the Cosmo retail probably won't do much for the canal immediately. From my perspective, though, I guess I prefer to think about the street-level neighborhood thriving first. If you create thriving streets -- particularly Senate -- I think the canal will naturally follow. Quite literally: top down.

Not that I discount the need for programming on the canal -- by all means bring more people down to enjoy our wonderful urban linear park -- but trying to do it in reverse is probably going to be a LOT of effort.