Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beer: The Ram Invents the Pilsner Glass

The Ram had an Al Gore moment today in an email advertising their new beer, the "71 Pale Ale":

"New to our year round line up, this distinctly drinkable Pale Ale is brewed with a touch of rye and a blend of five hops. Deep copper in color with subtle spicy rye character and an enjoyable hoppy flavor. Meet your friends here and enjoy a pint, mug or try it in our new "Skinny Glass"!"

What's the "Skinny Glass" look like?

Hiding in back, it looks an awful lot like a pilsner glass to me. So, head on down to the Ram and enjoy some brand new 71 Pale Ale in their brand new Pilsner Glass!


rodney said...

I'm pretty sure 71 has been a regular on tap for about 6 months now. Not that it's bad, it's one of their better standard beers, but they had the new boards painted up with it listed on there last year.

Also where were you tonight? The Fire Chief at RB is great!

CorrND said...

I think I may be coming down with something so I decided to stay in tonight to rest up for tomorrow.

Was there a big turnout?

rodney said...

About average, but they had it downstairs so it felt a little smaller compared to how packed the ones upstairs are.

This year's Fire Chief is balanced quite well. It's still slightly high on the gravity but it has a nice smooth balance of malts and a pleasant citrus finish that comes through from the hops.

Matt said...

That basketball is going to crush that burger!

CorrND said...

Maybe we'll have to pop over to RB for some Fire Chief tonight. Too bad I missed the freebies yesterday -- Claire has her last exams this morning, so I was also on cooking duty last night.